Le Maraclà presents La Riviera del Conero


Le Maraclà presents La Riviera del Conero

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Le MaRaClà country house is pleased to present you the Wonders of the Marche region. Let’s talk about the Conero Riviera.

Today we suggest a visit to the wonderful Conero Natural Park, a real environmental oasis born around the Monte Conero, a Mediterranean spot between the sky and the sea with a breathtaking view towards the horizon.

We are in the province of Ancona, in the extended territory that includes Ancona, Camerano, Numana, Sirolo and Portonovo.

The Conero coast is the stretch of Adriatic coast, high and rocky, which from the port of the city of Ancona reaches that of Numana. It takes its name from the Monte Conero, which forms the homonymous promontory overlooking the sea, full of coves and small rocky or stony beaches; it has a coastal development of about twenty kilometers.
The territory is protected by the Conero Regional Park, the first regional park in the Marche due to the date of its establishment in which one can walk along paths dotted with views, landscapes and woods to be enchanted.
It is characterized by a high, jagged and rocky coast, which interrupts in the middle the long strip of low and rectilinear coasts of the Adriatic coast from Trieste to the Gargano.

The orography is dominated by the Conero promontory, whose central nucleus is the homonymous mountain; the rest of the territory is occupied by hills. The main watercourses all flow into the Aspio river, a tributary of the Musone river, whose mouth is the southern border of the Riviera. The municipalities that are part of it are four; from north to south they are: Ancona, Sirolo, Numana, whose territories constitute the promontory of the Conero and the real riviera, Camerano in the internal slope of the mountain.

Below the Monte Conero, overlooking the sea, there is a whole series of white pebble beaches, bays, sea caves and woods overlooking the Adriatic.

The most famous beaches of the Conero Riviera are, from north to south: Il Passetto, Trave Beach, Mezzavalle, Portonovo, Vela Beach, Gabbiani Beach, Two Sisters Beach, Black Stones, San Michele, Urbani Beach, Beach of Numana, Spiaggia dei Frati, Beach of Numana Bassa, Marcelli.

After the excursions inside the Conero park, including the famous Passo del Lupo, also used by the miners who worked in the quarries in this area and which in ancient times led to the Due Sorelle, we descend towards Portonovo to visit the Church of Santa Maria, a jewel of Romanesque architecture beautifully preserved with its white stone and the Greek cross plan divided into five naves. The perfection of Romanesque architecture is emphasized by the light that filters through the small mullioned windows, creating a rarefied, unique and peaceful atmosphere. This church was built in the 11th century and overlooks the limestone cliff on which it is perched.

After the Church of Santa Maria di Portonovo, a walk in the bay is a must, here you can see the Tower of Bosis, now in private ownership, built in the eighteenth century and used by the waves of the sea crashing on the white stones. for the defense against pirates, not far from the Napoleonic Fort, which is also a military bulwark and now home to a luxurious hotel, walking still leads to a fishermen’s shed and then to some restaurants ready to feed tourists who want to taste food typical of the area.

Between the green of the Mount Conero and the blue of the sea, there is Sirolo, a charming medieval village where you can lose yourself among flowered alleys, wonderful views, colorful houses and a small square full of bars and always lively that stands out on a belvedere terrace with a breathtaking view of Mount Conero overlooking the sea. Located at 125 meters high, this village, around the year one thousand, acquired its identity as a fortified fortress, its alleys and its towers preserve that medieval charm. In fact, it was precisely in the Middle Ages that it was one of the most important meeting centers of the Franciscan movements, which here, together with other monastic orders, found refuge.

A few kilometers from Sirolo is Numana, one of the nine marinas in the Marche region. From Piazza Nuova with the Fountain and the Roman Ruin, it is enough to do a hundred meters to retrace the whole history from the Romans to 1663. A few steps from the square is the belvedere where you can admire the immensity of the sea and the beaches below.

Finally, we recommend that you lose yourself in the mysterious Caves of Camerano that extend into the subsoil of Camerano, these caves are an underground world to explore as well as the village on the surface. Their origin is artificial and they were dug by man during the Neolithic, the function of these caves throughout history has been manifold, they were used as a collection for drinking water, as a supply of raw materials and for religious reasons. The path, about a kilometer long, winds under the various noble palaces of the city.


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