Le Maraclà presents the natural reserve of Monte San Vicino and Monte Canfaito

Riserva Naturale

Le Maraclà presents the natural reserve of Monte San Vicino and Monte Canfaito

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The MaRaClà country house is pleased to present you the Wonders of the Marche region.

Let’s talk about the natural reserve of Monte San Vicino and Monte Canfaito.

Our journey to discover the natural wonders of the MARCHE continues.

As we have already mentioned, this region offers us 6 nature reserves, in this article we will talk about that of Monte San Vicino and Monte Canfaito.


  • Canfaito
  • San Vicino

The area of ​​the reserve has a mountain-high hilly character. The only driveway is the one that connects Braccano with Frontale, with a crossroads for Canfaito / Elcito.
Among the many places of tourist interest we recommend Pian dell ’Elmo – with its accommodation facilities – the Piani di Canfaito – where you will find the imposing and fairytale beech woods – the Borgo di Elcito and the Abbey of Santa Maria di Roti.

If you are looking for a little escape from routine and daily frenzy, clean air and silence, you must put a blanket in your backpack, and then lie down in the shadow of the majestic beech trees of the Piani di Canfaito. You can certainly have a picnic, but respecting the rules of the Park! We also reveal a curiosity … you can find the largest tree of the Marche right here. It is said to be over 500 years old !!! You will be enchanted by the greatness of these giants of nature.

But before a bit of healthy relaxation, we advise you, map in hand and eye to the warning signs, to take one of the many paths located throughout the reserve. There are for all tastes! From simple and beneficial walks, to the most demanding hiking routes up to those for true mountain experts.

Among the simplest paths: Prati di S. Vicino – Grotta di S. Francesco; Jana gorge; Braccano – Franciscan Path – Roti.
Among the most demanding paths: stretch Elcito – La Pereta – Trocchi and Prati di San Vicino; Pian dell ’Elmo – Frascano – Summit of San Vicino.
In addition, the Reserve offers you The Nordic Walking Park, a set of routes, about 30 km long which, due to the presence of sections that are part of several routes, identify a total of about 48 km of generally ring-shaped tracks, partly interconnected between of them also through “variants”.
At this link you will find all the useful information to organize wonderful naturalistic excursions.


  • Elcito
  • Faggio secolare

If, on the other hand, you are of the slightly less “sporty” types, we recommend that you spend a day in Elcito, a village that has stood still over time, on the slopes of Monte San Vicino. It rises on a spur of rock, at over 820 meters above sea level, and for this reason it has been defined the Little Tibet of the Marche. The narrow streets do not allow access to vehicles and a small church dominates the square. Every point of this enchanted place offers a breathtaking view towards the valley; you will be catapulted into a timeless space, dominated by deafening silence. On August 16th we celebrate San Rocco, the patron; on this day the town lives again with medieval masked events. And if you happen to spend in winter, when the snow covers with its mantle the few houses left, the remains of the castle and the whole valley, well … .. you will carry it forever in your heart.

For the more spiritual, we recommend the Abbey of Rotis (Roti), a small forgotten jewel now almost completely lost in nature. Along the asphalted provincial road that leads from Matelica (MC) to Mount San Vicino you will find Braccano. From here, proceeding to the right of a crossroads that goes up towards the towns of S. Anna and Vinano, you see a fork that goes down towards a still internal road running alongside a group of houses, still indicated today by the inhabitants with the expression “L ‘ America”. Going further, through an underground road, you go towards the area where, more than seven centuries ago, the ancient Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria de Rotis stood, not far from an area called the Jana valley, far from transit roads and completely enclosed by a circle of mountains. M. Canfaito, M. Pagliano and M. Argentaro which the people believe to be the site of ancient mines, lock the valley to the east and south, M. Mondubbio to the west. The religious order of the Benedictines settled in the Marches already around the 11th, 12th century. The monks followers of San Benedetto di Norcia in the Middle Ages settled in Santa Maria de Rotis, near Braccano, in the Matelicese territory. The Monastery of Roti, until 1700, was the destination of great celebrations in honor of the Virgin, on August 15, being the Church named, as confirmed by documents of the 1600s, in Santa Maria delle Grazie, a title that is now proper to the Church di Braccano, where there is an ancient wooden statue of the Virgin and Child, recently restored, perhaps connected to the life of the monastery itself. Today interesting structures of the Monastery remain, consolidated in its bearing structures.


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