At MaRaClà Country House, hospitality is a family tradition.

Welcome to "Le MaRaCla"

At the MaRaClà Country House, hospitality is a story of family, love, and dreams come true. In this enchanted corner, you will meet the family who brought this paradise to life: Sara and Walter, along with their three daughters, Matilde, Rachele, and Clarissa, from whom their home takes its name.

Once inhabitants of the frenetic rhythm of Milan, Sara and Walter decided to follow their heart, in search of a more authentic and serene life. They found their corner of paradise here, where time flows at the rhythm of nature and every day is an opportunity to rediscover the small joys of life.

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Now, this family wishes to share their happiness with you. At the MaRaClà Country House, every guest is treated like a family member. Here you can experience warm and genuine hospitality, where every detail is thought out to make you feel pampered and special. Sara and Walter have taken care of every corner of the house, creating a welcoming environment that reflects the love and care our family puts into everything they do.

Matilde, Rachele, and Clarissa, with their energy and joy, are the beating heart of the house. Between games in the garden, laughter, and stories, they will make every guest feel part of our big family.

Coming to the MaRaClà Country House means immersing yourself in an experience where well-being, nature, and authenticity merge. It’s a place where emotions and memories intertwine, creating an unforgettable stay. Here, the happiness found by this wonderful family transforms into quality hospitality, giving those who visit us a taste of that better life we all seek.